the Rocketday studio

Rocketday is a collaborative team of consultants, artists, coders and designers, each bringing complementary expertise to your projects.

Emrys Damon Miller, CGD | director

Emrys Damon Miller

Emrys oversees all projects, providing strategy, creative direction and technical direction. He brings a background in communications design, fine art, and computer science. Emrys is a Certified Graphic Designer (CGD) and the President of the Graphic Designers of Canada (Vancouver Island Chapter), and participates in the global graphic design community, regularly attending congresses such as ICOGRADA (Nagoya and Havana), Bienal International del Cartel en México (Morelia), AIGA, DesignThinkers (Toronto) and the 99u (NYC). He’s received awards in creative direction, graphic design, photography and illustration, including the Judges’ Rock Award at GDC VI Creative Awards 2000. His weekly play and notes are documented in his personal blog, and he is available for presentations and workshops.

Jen LeMercier | studio manager

Jen LeMercier

Jen manages the studio, overseeing administration and supporting most projects. Her interests and schooling also include ecological sustainability, education and languages.

Jocelyn Mandryk | associate – art director, graphic designer, photographer

Jocelyn Mandryk

Jocelyn is a creative director, graphic designer and photographer, currently making her home in Barcelona (when not in Victoria, New York City or Buenos Aires). Explore Jocelyn's freelance portfolio and also check out her photography tourism company Foto Ruta.

Clint Hutzulak | associate – art director, graphic designer, writer

Clint Hutzulak

Clint Hutzulak is the Principal of Rayola Creative which, like Rocketday, focuses on arts, education and entrepreneurial clients. Clint has worked with local businesses, regional and national organizations, universities, publishers, record labels, festivals and artists across Canada and in Europe and the US. Clint studied English literature and creative writing at the University of Victoria and has published fiction in Canada, England and Austria. His debut novel was a finalist for the Books in Canada First Novel Award.

Maleea Acker | associate – writer, editor

Maleea Acker

Maleea writes, edits and designs for variety of cultural, political and environmental sectors. Maleea is a member of the Society of Environmental Journalists and has received awards and fellowships for her writing from granting agencies and arts residencies in Canada, the USA, Mexico and Spain. She holds an MFA from the University of Victoria. Her poetry books The Reflecting Pool and Air-Proof Green were published by Pedlar Press (Toronto), and her non-fiction Gardens Aflame: Garry Oak Meadows of BC’s South Coast was published by New Star Books (Vancouver).

Sam Tallo | associate – art director, graphic designer, motion graphics designer

Sam Tallo

Sam Tallo is an art and creative director, print and motion graphics designer and writer. Back when Photoshop was just a glint in Adobe’s eye, Sam was wrapping-up as guitarist with ska granddaddies, King Apparatus, and getting his teeth into graphic design. He’s since created award-winning book jackets, compelling advertising (print, radio, television and online), broadcast motion graphics, and has helped define and build enduring mom and pop brands. Sam runs his own design studio and continues to write and record music in his humble basement studio.

Marianne Unger | associate – art director, graphic designer

Marianne Unger

Marianne Unger is an art director and graphic designer. Marianne is the Principal of MUD Studio, and like Rocketday, focuses on clients within the arts, community development and environment — with a specific focus on clients within her local community.

Joe Hedges | associate – art director, graphic designer, website designer

Joe Hedges

Joe Hedges is a strategic planner, graphic designer and website designer. He is the Principal of Hedges Creative in Herefordshire, United Kingdom. He is also the designer of Further Afield, an international accommodations listing website for gay travellers. Victoria (Canada) locals will recognized his attractive design work for Silk Road tea company in Victoria and the World Student Environmental Summit (held in Victoria 2009).

Roseanne Harvey | associate – writer, editor, social media manager

Roseanne Harvey

Roseanne is a writer, editor and social media manager. For 3 years, she was the Editor of the award winning Ascent magazine. Her fiction and creative non-fiction has been published in Geist, SubTerrain and GoodGirl magazine. She is currently a Communications Officer at Camosun International College and blogger of it’s all yoga, baby.

Dushan Milic | associate – illustrator, art director, graphic designer

Dushan Milic

Dushan is an illustrator, art director and graphic designer. His illustration has won several awards and can be found in The New York Times, The Globe & Mail, LA Weekly and Exclaim!, as well as dozens of magazines. Beyond illustration, he also a seasoned art director and graphic designer. Dushan is the Principal at Dushan Milic Illustration and Design, and he will be teaching a class in 2011 at OCAD (Toronto) on “Illustration Activism.”

Aimée van Drimmelen | associate – illustrator

Aimée van Drimmelen

Aimée is a visual artist, illustrator and animator. Aimée has exhibited in New York and Montréal, and her short animation Black Gold was produced by the National Film Board of Canada. More of her work can be seen on her website.