On most of our projects, we provide comprehensive solutions, working collaboratively with our clients through a four step process:

Step 1: Assessing the Best Way to Communicate

Articulate what we’re trying to achieve and who we’re trying to communicate to. Understand the best communications media to accomplish that (a website? a poster?), and the best tone and messaging to accomplish that (a font and colour palette that suggests innovation? family? community?).
The Result = a clear description of what we want to do. Rocketday process step 1

Step 2: Filtering to Make Realistic

Put the results of STEP 1 through two filters. Given our budget, our resources, and our timeline, what is a practical scope for the current project? When considering environmental sustainability, culture and social health, should we refine the plan?
The result = a practical and healthy plan. Rocketday process step 2

Step 3: Making It!

Build it! Review it, refine it.
Repeat until done. Then launch.
The result = communication products out in the world. Rocketday process step 3

Step 4: Measuring Results

Gather whatever data you can (be it anecdotal or measurable stats), and reflect on the results. (Was the website/poster/logo effective in doing what it was aiming to achieve?)
The result = knowledge! Rocketday process step 4